I have been a registered Libertarian and a member of the National Party since 1982.  Although I could do a laundry list of my activism over the past 35 years, I’m just going to touch on a few highlights.


  • In 1984, while attending Santa Monica Community College, I started a Libertarian group on campus
  • In 1988 I was elected the Senator of Fine Arts on the Associated Student Body at California University, Long Beach (CSULB) and my primary issues during my time in office were furthering women’s rights and first amendment issues on campus
  • In 1989, I started a Libertarian group on the CSULB campus while serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the Union Newspaper, which was the student’s newspaper; I wrote extensively on First Amendment issues on campus
  • In April of 1989 I helped to organize one of the largest marches in Washington D.C.;  The March for Women’s Equity, Women’s Lives was attended by hundreds of thousands of women from across the country


  • I was active in the Andre Marrou for President campaign in 1992 while attending CSULB; I organized on-campus events along with the Libertarian group and canvased in my area as well as the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, Orange County and Santa Monica
  • I was very active in the Harry Browne for President campaigns in both 1996 and 2000; I canvased, phone banked and organized local events


  • In 2008 I was very involved in the coalition to defeat Proposition 8; the “California Marriage Protection Act”
    •  My activities were primarily focused on organizing local events, canvasing and phone banking


  • In 2010 I canvased and phone banked against Proposition 14; the “Top-Two Primaries Amendment”
  • In 2016 I ran for California State Senate District 33 after receiving a call from Ted Brown, the former LPC Chair
    • In the Primary election I ran as a write-in candidate and received 47 votes to advance to the General Election
    • In the General Election I raised approximately $14,000 (to my opponent’s $2.1 million) but was able to get local media attention, attended candidate events in my district, and did extensive canvasing (which included putting out both yard and street signs throughout the district) and in the end garnered 48,316 votes (21.35%)
  • In 2018 I ran for California State Assembly District 70
    • In the Primary election I was featured in articles in the Long Beach Post, Long Beach Press Telegram, and the Los Angeles Times; I was able to raise approximately $8,000; and was the first 3rd party candidate since the Top-Two Primaries were instituted in 2010 to progress to the General Election in a contested primary, receiving 11,779 votes (16.9%) and coming in ahead of the Democrat and Green Party candidates
    • In the General Election I was included in candidate panels along with my opponent (the Democratic incumbent); was featured in articles in the Long Beach Press Telegram and the Long Beach Post; was able to raise approximately $20,000 (to my opponents almost $1 million; and received 38,706 votes (27.1%)

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