Will you stand with me to take the Libertarian Party of California to the next level? 

It will take all of us to make this happen!  Going into the 2020 Elections we can build on our successes of 2018, grow the number of registered Libertarians in the state, grow our donor base, organically grow our membership from the county level up, and get more wins like that of Jeff Hewitt in Riverside County!

Organization Endorsements

  • Libertarian Party of Sacramento County Executive Committee (PDF)


  • Jeff Hewitt; LNC District 4 Representative and Riverside County Supervisor
  • Brent Olsen; LPC Northern Vice-Chair and LNC District 4 Alternate
  • Jonathan Jaech; LPC Southern Vice-Chair
  • Steven Haug; LPC Treasurer
  • Eduardo Flores, Libertarian Party of Stanislaus County Secretary and At-Large Member of the LPC Executive Committee
  • Mark Herd; Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County Member and Alternate At-Large Member of the LPC Executive Committee
  • Ted Brown; Former LPC Chair
  • Susan Marie Weber; Libertarian Party of Riverside County Member and Major of Palm Desert
  • Scott Kent Fowler; Libertarian Party of Butte County Member and Feather River Parks and Recreation Director
  • Joseph Bishop-Henchman; Libertarian Party of Washington DC Chair, LNC At-Large Member and Libertarian Party of San Diego Lifetime Member
  • Elizabeth Van Horn; LNC District 3 Representative and Libertarian Party of Madison County, Indiana, Chair
  • Steven Scheetz; Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Chair
  • Jason Smith; Libertarian Party of Nevada Chair
  • Alex DiBenedetto; Libertarian Party of Nevada Executive Director
  • Andy Craig; Member of the 2018 National Platform and Bylaws Committees and Former Member of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Executive Committee
  • David Naranjo; Libertarian Party of Orange County Chair
  • Kalish Morrow; Libertarian Party of Kings County Chair
  • Jia Christopher; Libertarian Party of Placer County Chair
  • Devin Harris; Libertarian Party of Fresno County Chair
  • Bill MacElroy; Libertarian Party of Sonoma County Chair
  • Wesley Martin; Libertarian Party of Humboldt County Chair pro Tem
  • Jon Prosser; Libertarian Party of Tulare County Vice-Chair
  • Wendy Hewitt; Libertarian Party of Riverside Vice-Chair
  • Paul Vallandigham; Libertarian Party of Riverside Treasurer
  • Robert Frass; Libertarian Party of San Diego County Treasurer
  • Trevor Carr; Libertarian Party of Fresno County Secretary
  • Jillian Olsen; Libertarian Party of Kings County Treasurer
  • Stephen Cano; Libertarian Party of Kings County Secretary
  • Sandra Kallander; Former Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County Treasurer
  • Justin Emsoff; LPC IT and Website Committee Chair
  • Resa Willis; Libertarian Party of Kings County Member
  • Peter Moulds; Libertarian Party of Santa Clara Member
  • Bill Hajdu; Libertarian Party of Alameda County Member
  • TJ Campbell; Libertarian Party of California Former At-Large Member of the LPC Executive Committee
  • Brian Ryman; Libertarian Party of San Bernardino Member and Organizer of the Victor Valley Liberty Alliance
  • Joanne Beverly; Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County Member
  • Katie Gore; Libertarian Party of San Bernardino County Member

38 Endorsements

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Tj Campbell
Mark Herd
Kenneth Olsen

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  • Tj Campbell
    endorsed via 2019-03-09 12:00:05 -0800
  • Mark Herd
    endorsed via 2019-03-09 10:36:42 -0800
    Also vote for Paul, Steve, Brent, Wendy and myself, ty. Hope to see you in Concord!
  • Kenneth Olsen
    endorsed 2019-03-08 18:48:06 -0800
    This year we have an exciting three-way race between Mimi Robson, the current Chair who was elected last year to complete Ted Brown’s term; Robert Imhoff, former At-Large member of the Executive Committee; and Joshua Smith, candidate for Mayor of Antioch and At-Large Representative on the Libertarian National Committee. However, only one of these people has the experience, platform, and temperament necessary to be Chair of the Libertarian Party of California, and that person is Mimi Robson!

    I have had the pleasure of working with Mimi on the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of California since April, 2017, when she was Secretary of the Party. She and I worked very closely together, along with Jennifer and Robert Imhoff. I endorsed Mimi to complete Ted’s term for Chair in 2018 and Mimi was elected.

    After Mimi was elected Chair I worked even more closely with her. The primary job of a Vice Chair is to assist the Chair. Of course, in California, the two Vice Chairs were also responsible for coordinating and helping organize the counties in their respective regions (Northern and Southern). That system will come to an end at the 2019 convention, as we move to having three Area Coordinators and one Vice Chair.

    Since Mimi’s election as Chair, I have focused my time into assisting her with her duties. I have still put a lot of time into coordinating northern counties, as I organized and hosted the Northern California Libertarian Leadership Conference in Sacramento, California, in 2018. But much of my time has been in working with Mimi to build the Party, especially in becoming part of several of the Party’s numerous committees. I spend hours every week working closely with Mimi on various tasks. While we don’t always agree on everything, she and I have the same general vision for the direction of the Party. I had intended to run for Central Area Coordinator at the 2019 convention until Mimi asked me to run for Vice Chair so that we could continue our close working relationship.

    Some of Mimi’s many accomplishments during her term include work in raising money for the Party, assisting growing affiliates, as well as setting up numerous working committees to help move the Party forward. She has also worked hard on improving our social media presence.

    Mimi’s fundraising has been extraordinary, in comparison to past Chairs. The Libertarian Party of California had $11,000 in the bank at the end of 2013, $14,000 in the bank at the end of 2014, $18,000 in the bank at the end of 2015, $22,500 in the bank at the end of 2016, and $22,500 in the bank at the end of 2017. Mimi was elected to complete Ted Brown’s term in 2018, as mentioned above. At the end of 2018, the Libertarian Party of California had $35,000 in the bank, and currently has $43,000 in the bank. Also, the Libertarian Party of California Candidate has been a very effective fundraiser, and still feels that these funds are not enough. She plans to Support Committee (CSC) has greatly benefitted from Mimi’s work. Since she began her term, she has raised $26,000 for the CSC. In 2015, the CSC raised a mere $2.38. The CSC raised $230 in 2016, $8,513 in 2017, $19,843 in 2018 (most of which was raised at the convention banquet in Long Beach in 2018, which Mimi organized), and so far in 2019 the CSC has raised $13,985, most of which was raised at our most recent fundraising event in Long Beach. Mimi plans to do more outreach to major donors, work to get more monthly pledgers, and work to set up more fundraising events throughout the state.

    Examples of her work in helping growing affiliates included organizing the very successful Northern California Libertarian Leadership Conference and developing the Affiliate Support Committee. Mimi has also organized numerous working committees and worked to create a process of finding volunteers for the various committees. Some of these committees include the Volunteer Committee, the Social Media Committee, the Website Committee, the IT Committee, the Historical Preservation Committee, the Affiliate Support Committee, and more!

    Mimi worked hard to regain control of 83 Facebook groups which had fallen out of the hands of the Libertarian Party of California, including numerous county Facebook groups. Also, she regained control of the Facebook business account which was inactive due to inaccessibility during the 2018 election. She put a process in place to ensure that there were multiple Administrators in place to maintain continuity so they would not be lost again.

    I have worked very closely with Mimi on these projects and will continue to do so if I am elected as her Vice Chair. She agrees with me that our top priorities need to be on raising money, increasing the number of registered Libertarians, getting local affiliates active and organized, and getting Libertarians elected. Not only does she have a plan to get these jobs done, but she has proven results!